An idea for making a full-length movie out of Clive Nolan’s Steampunk musical “Alchemy” was born in the summer of 2014, when award winning movie director Neil Monaghan came to see the show at London Off-West End. Although a few years have passed, with the team involved in other projects, the first scene of “Alchemy” has now been successfully filmed! The filming is scheduled for the rest of 2022 and 2023 and we will be informing you about the progress of the project at ‘The Professor King Chronicles’ website and Facebook page, as well as Clive’s and Neil’s related platforms and social media.

So far, you can have a sneak preview of the “Alchemy” filmic universe in the three videos released so far:
‘First recording session’ featuring Clive Nolan and Andy Sears recording vocals for “Deception”, the first filmed scene. Watch HERE.

‘Building the scenery’ featuring Ross Andrews revealing behind-the-scenes secrets of building the “Alchemy” world. Watch HERE.

‘“Alchemy” shooting begins’ being a chronicle of the first day of filming, featuring Natalie Barnett as Amelia Darvas, as well as a general sneak peek into the set, work of the make-up artist and filming crew. Watch HERE.

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Clive Nolan: "It has been a long couple of days as the team have been building the cell in Newgate prison… inside my garage !

When I wrote the musical I was hoping for a handful of theatrical performances... we have done that, and much more!
The filming will be done slowly over a period of about a year, so I'm taking a deep breath.

The camera and lights will be set up soon, and a make up guy will start work in a couple of hours. For the most part, I get to just watch now… and do the catering.

Luckily this is a relatively simple scene (Neil Monaghan, the director wanted to begin making this film with what he calls a ‘soft landing’)… but it won't be long before we are calling for extras to take part, just saying.

HERE is a clip of me recording Andy Sears' vocals for the first scene to be filmed."


“The Lost Journals” Thank you, Cheltenham!

Cheltenham 2019 group smOn August 31st 2019, “The Lost Journals” show was performed at the Cheltenham Playhouse in front of the full theatre! The piece, consisting of the combination of the songs from Clive’s three musicals: “She”, “Alchemy” and “King’s Ransom”, was a full theatre production featuring the biggest cast so far. The Caamora Theatre Company rose to this new challenge with professionalism and passion, offering the audience a taste of Clive Nolan’s musical genius in a nutshell.

Clive: “So here we are... after nearly a year in the making ‘The Lost Journals’ show is done and performed! Thank you so much to all who took part in this one. Despite a few microphone problems, this night ran extremely smoothly. I think everyone did an amazing job and really brought “The Lost Journals” to life. I know a lot of hard work went into this show, and I really appreciate all the efforts... well done guys!”


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“The Lost Journals” Theatre Show in 2019!

The Lost journals smallClive Nolan and The Caamora Theatre Company presents ‘The Lost Journals’ - a brand new presentation, featuring the music of ‘She’, 'Alchemy’ and ‘King’s Ransom’ along with exclusive new material. The theatre show will take place at the Cheltenham Playhouse on August 31st, 2019. Tickets are available online HERE and can also be purchased directly from the theatre.


Clive: “Next year, the Caamora UK group will be performing a special show called ‘The Lost Journals’. This performance will feature some of the best songs and moments from my musicals ‘She’, ‘Alchemy’ and ‘King’s Ransom’ as well as some new material… all presented in a brand new context! This will be an exciting and fun production, and will feature many of our singers, past and present. Don’t miss it!”









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It’s Movie Time!

Prof King Chrinicles fb smClive Nolan: “It’s movie time guys! As you may know, I have signed both ‘Alchemy' and ‘King’s Ransom’ to a film company with a view to bringing these musicals to the silver screen. As always for such a project, we need your support. Remember, we are not attempting to ‘fundraise' here, we are looking for investors. If you put money in, we have every hope and intention that you will get it back, with due rewards.

We have just returned from Norway where we were scouting for possible locations for both of the movies. It’s important that we keep moving forward with the project while we work on raising the budget. I’m glad to say we have found a whole load of great locations, which will hopefully feature in these films!

Now is the time to raise awareness of the project, and with that in mind I’d like to invite you to visit our website and our new ‘Professor King Chronicles’ Facebook page where we will be keeping you informed about the development and production of these movies. We need your support for this, so please ‘like’ and follow us… be part of the magic!”

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