Cheltenham Playhouse, UK. September 2013.

The first fully theatrical production of 'Alchemy' ever performed in the UK took place on September 5th, 6th, 7th, 2013 at the Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham. The cast consited of two sets of actors, a live band and a chorus.


NP 1


The Cast

Clive Nolan: Professor King
Agnieszka Swita: Amelia Darvas
David Clifford: William Gardelle
Victoria Bolley: Eva Bonaduce
Andy Sears: Lord Henry Jagman
Paul Blower: Milsoh
Verity Smith: Mrs Muncey
Ross Andrews: Captain Farrell
Chris Lewis: Thomas Anzeray
Christopher Longman: Ben Greaves
Soheila Clifford: Jessamine


The Understudies:

Victoria Bolley – Amelia Darvas
Ross Andrews – Samuel King
Alex White -William Gardelle
Kate Aston-Williams – Eva Bonaduce
Chris Lewis – Lord Henry Jagman
Jon Baily – Captain Joseph Farrell
Katie East - Jessamine
Paul Manzi – Thomas Anzeray
Paul Bantin - Ben Greaves
Ian Baldwin - Milosh


NP 6


The Band:

Mark Westwood: guitars
Scott Higham: drums
Kylan Amos: bass
Claudio Momberg: keyboards


NP 40


The Caamora Chorus

Kate Aston-Williams, John Baily, Ian Baldwin, Ethan Barnett, Paul Blower, James Carr, Katie East, Chris Hannatt, Fiona Gordon-Smith, Colin Greene, Slade Herbert, Ron Milsom, Jeremy Morgale, Caron Morgan, Hayley Morgan, Natalie Morgan, Ryan Morgan, Michael Rowe, Sarah Rowe, Jill Roebuck, Ashley Simmonds, Jane Simmonds, Christine Smith, Verity Smith, Ollie West, Alex White, Gillie Bower, Steve Bower, Paul Blower, Soheila Clifford


Director: Christopher Longman
Producer/Musical Director: Clive Nolan