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How to Support 'Alchemy'?


Become a Sponsor

Donate minimum £10 or any higher amount of money to support the production of 'Alchemy the Musical' and find your name or the logo of your company on our websites as well as in the programme for the theatrical production of 'Alchemy' in Cheltenham in 2013. Donate £200 and get invited to an intimate backstage party with the cast members after the Saturday evening show in Cheltenham.

The DONATE link will be provided soon.

Fundraising Concerts  

Fundraising concerts are small musical events aiming at raising the money to support the production costs of Clive Nolan musicals. You may get involved by organising a gig in your house. For more info, please contact us through the contact form HERE.

Clive Nolan: "To help put on my previous musical 'She' in Cheltenham, we put on a series of fundraisers. Mostly these were house gigs where we would perform songs that I have written over the years, but mainly featuring music from 'She'. This really helped us to raise important money to make the UK performance possible, and so of course we would like to do this again for 'Alchemy'. Hopefully it will be as enjoyable and as varied as it was last time. This is a great way to support the show! If you get a chance come along... or even perhaps host one!"

Buy 'SHE' Programme


Thirty two pages of everything you want to know about Clive Nolan previous musical 'She'. The programme includes the profiles of all performers, forewords by Clive Nolan and the director, David Clifford, H. Rider Haggard's biography, the musical's synopsis, the set of pictures from Bolivia and Cheltenham (the UK footage by Neil Palfreyman), the original 'She' artwork by Graeme Bell and much more...

Price: £8.00 (inc P&P). The BUY link will be provided soon.

Buy 'SHE' T-shirt  

The limited edition 'She' T-Shirts.
Available sizes: L (42/44), XL (46/48), XXL (50/52), XXXL (54/56), Ladies fitted (10/12)
Price: £15.00 (including P&P) The BUY link will be provided soon.



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