'Alchemy' DVD And Box out in September!

Alchemy DVD CoverMetal Mind Productions have just announced the release dates and the content of the 'Alchemy' live DVD and a box set!!

Metal Mind: "The DVD recorded in February at the Wyspianski Theatre (Katowice, Poland), is enriched by a number of additional features, such as interviews with Clive Nolan, Agnieszka Swita, David Clifford, Scott Higham, and Mark Westwood, as also 'The Making of Alchemy' material.

Live version of 'Alchemy' will be available also in a special edition box which includes live DVD, two CDs with an audio version of the show, a bonus DVD with a number of features providing deeper insight into what the project is all about, as also a bonus CD featuring exclusive demos, alternative versions of the songs and more!”

The release date of the DVD and 2DVD+3CD Box is scheduled for September, 9th in Poland, September, 25th in Europe and October, 1st in USA (via MVD).





Who's Who in 'Alchemy'?

MDB 18Learn more about the characters in 'Alchemy' in our 'Sights and Sounds' section! The video clips introducing the characters one by one are added regularly. All clips have been directed and produced by 'Alchemy' author and composer, Clive Nolan himself! Moreover, each of these short video presentations contains original music composed by Nolan. In the section you will also find commentaries concerning the characters.

Five clips have been released so far featuring: Clive Nolan as Professor Samuel King, Agnieszka Swita as Amelia Darvas, Chris Lewis as Thomas Anzeray, Andy Sears as Lord Henry Jagman and Damian Wilson as Captain Joseph Ferrell. More coming soon!



The 'Alchemy' Premiere in Katowice!

JS 27For us, the 'Alchemy' premiere in Poland that took place on February 22, 2013, will surely remain one of the most memorable events of the year! That Friday evening at Teatr Slaski in Katowice was preceded by months of hard work on various levels - from memorising lyrics, rehearsing parts to sewing costumes and looking for props. Endless meetings and long discussions seemed to bring positive results and 'Alchemy in Concert' went flawlessly to the excitement of both the audience and the artists themselves. The CD album, which is finally available worldwide, looks and sounds more than decent and soon we will be able to enjoy the DVD version of the Katowice event!

Clive Nolan: "So, we are all back from our Polish adventure. And wow... what a show! Thank you so much to all of you who came along to see 'Alchemy'. We ran out of the brand new 'Alchemy' CDs at the merchandise desk, which was a wonderful show of support! And the reaction at the end of the show was superb! Very moving!"

The full report from 'Alchemy in Concert' will follow soon!







Release Dates for Alchemy CD!

Alchemy CD Cover Final smOfficial release dates for 'Alchemy' CD have been set! The album will be available on February 25th in Poland, March 4th in Europe and April 9th in North America. The audience present at 'Alchemy in Concert' in Katowice will have a chance to make a purchase on the day of the show!

Listen to 'Street Fight' from 'Alchemy' HERE