reich rev 2300 visitors experienced a thrilling performance in the Neuberinhaus on Saturday – the German premiere of "Alchemy" offered great emotions and spine-tingling effects...

REICHENBACH – The musicians, singers and actors of the German premiere and Germany's only performance of the musical "Alchemy" by Clive Nolan delivered a magnificent artistic performance night in front of 300 guests at the Neuberinhaus on Saturday. They impressed the audience with two hours full of music, pictures and emotions. Only the volume was considered to be a bit too high by some.

This concerned mainly the very dynamic titles, while during the soulful ballads some would have liked to take out their lighters. However, this is not permitted at the Reichenbach temple of Muses due to fire safety reasons.

At the beginning of the partially staged performance, event organizer Uwe Treitinger had "thanked" the non-existing sponsors and absent cultural attachés. His sometimes spectacular activities are still an insiders' tip. His genuine gratitude, however, went to the Neuberinhaus and manager Jens Pfretzschner, who "supports whatever nonsense I come up with", to the technicians, the volunteers or to Christa Treitinger who, at 83 years, was at the entrance to support her son.

Reich 2 rev 3"Alchemy" is actually a rock opera, which was written by Arena and Pendragon protagonist Clive Nolan and has already been performed successfully in the UK. "If we had advertised it as an opera, no one would have come," said Treitinger. Therefore the event was classified as musical. Everything revolves around murder, love and hate, around the orphan Amelia who is to be killed by the evil Lord Jagman, but is saved at the last minute. The framework is the search for the secret of the alchemist, the highlight the developing love between Amelia and her rescuer William Gardelle.

A giant screen showed the scenery of the individual scenes. Videos and stills created a Victorian flair with some spectacular pictures. On this screen also appeared the pre-recorded choir, while the band played in front of it. The soloists could be experienced live in the appropriate costumes. The singers Agnieszka Swita, Verity Smith and Victoria Bolley convinced with fresh, versatile voices. Clive Nolan himself was the good Professor King.


Reichenbach review

The duets by Agnieszka Swita and David Clifford or the solos of Arena singer Paul Manzi as the alchemist created goose bumps. However, the actors certainly could have presented their talents in this very complex production much better if they had worn headsets. The call for an encore went unheard. But on the other hand, musicians and actors came into the foyer right after the performance to fulfil the audience's wishes for photos and autographs.


Review by Petra Steps
Translated by Verena Grashei
Photos by Carsten Steps
December 2014