Clive Nolan – Mark Buckingham Collaboration

Samuel KingMB transClive Nolan is working with a famous comic book and graphic novel artist Mark Buckingham to develop imagery for the CD/DVD and for the show, as well as a graphic novel version of the story, as part of the 'Alchemy' project. The images of the graphic characters will be based on the actual 'Alchemy' cast.

Mark Buckingham has been working in comics for almost 25 years, on numerous titles, including 'Miracleman', 'Sandman' and 'Death', all with writer Neil Gaiman, as well as significant runs on other key comics such as 'Batman', 'Spider-man' and 'Hellblazer'. For the past ten years Mark has been the regular artist on Fables for DC Comics, working with its writer and creator Bill Willingham, for which they have earned numerous comic industry awards. He has also illustrated 'Willingham's Down the Mysterly River' prose novel released last summer by Tor books. In addition Mark is also the regular cover artist on IDW's 'Doctor Who' comic and is recently worked with Neil Gaiman on a comic strip for 'The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2012' for BBC Books.

Clive Nolan: “It is a very exciting new development to have Mark Buckingham involved with the 'Alchemy' show. He will certainly add a whole new dimension to the story. Actually the great thing is that he can make any visual idea possible... this opens up all sorts of new paths! The fact that he is using the likenesses of the cast makes it even more personal, and unique! We have many ideas, it's just a question of choosing the best ones.”

More details will be revealed soon...


The Golden Lexicon Award 2013 Goes to Clive Nolan!

awardThe long awaited 'Alchemy' shows, which took place in early September at the Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre, proved to be a great success! The Caamora Theatre Company, featuring eleven principal singers, eleven understudies, the band and the chorus, performed four shows in front of the enthusiastic multinational audience. The superb performances from everyone involved brought most positive reactions from press and viewers alike.

Moreover, on the closing night of the Cheltenham shows, Clive was presented with the MLWZ Golden Lexicon Award 2013 for Outstanding Achievements in Music for his musical 'Alchemy', which crowned three extremely intensive years of work on the musical. Congratulations, Clive! Well deserved!

Clive Nolan: "Winning this achievement award was a real surprise to me and a wonderful conclusion to the 'Alchemy' week. It is already on my wall and I am very proud of it. Thank you!"


'Alchemy' Christmas Show!

Alchemy Christmas StreetAfter the success in the West End, the eight-man-production of 'Alchemy', directed by Ian Baldwin, will be performed once more in 2014! The Christmas show will take place in Devizes, UK at the Devizes Conservative Club on December 6th. Tickets are on sale NOW! Tickets are currently available from Victoria This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. More details will be announced soon!

Clive Nolan: "I am very happy to announce that the Caamora Theatre Company will be performing one extra "West End" production of 'Alchemy' in Devizes on December the 6th, 2014. This will give us an excellent opportunity to test out our "portable" version of the show as well as gather the team together one more time this year for a Christmas celebration. Hope to see you there!"








West End Contract Signed!

GS 4We have pleasure to announce that the contract with the West End Theatre has been signed! 'Alchemy' will be performed in London in August 2014. Details about the cast, the theatre and tickets sale will be available soon.

Clive Nolan: "It is with both pleasure and some trepidation that I can announce that I have now signed the contract with the theatre, and 'Alchemy' is definitely booked to go to the West End. Technically this is an "off West End' show, but geographically we are right there in the heart of it all. We won't name the theatre yet - we'll wait until tickets can actually be bought. Everything for this production begins now, so stand by! So… The adventure continues!!"




London Cast Confirmed!

10506789 253693244827878 7933189903818996971 oThe cast of the London 'Alchemy' shows in August 2014 has been confirmed. The shows, that will take place at the off-West End Jermyn Street Theatre (right next to Piccadilly Circus), will be a brand new production of Clive Nolan's musical. Due to a limited space of the theatre (just 70 seats in the venue), the show will feature 8 singers: Clive Nolan (Professor King), Andy Sears (Lord Henry Jagman), Agnieszka Swita (Amelia Darvas), Vctoria Bolley (Eva Bonaduce), Matthew Ronchetti (William Gardelle), Chris Lewis (Thomas Anzeray/Milosh), Verity Smith (Mrs Muncey/Jessamine), Ross Andrews (Benjamin Greaves/Captain Joseph Farrell).

On stage we will also see a supporting cast featuring: Ian Baldwin, Ethan Barnett, Natalie Barnett, Colin Greene, Ron Milsom, Caron Morgan and Ollie West.

Tickets for the summer off-West End shows are available via the theatre.








Clive Nolan's London Rehearsal Diary

Clive Nolan Kevin Nixon1"Last weekend saw the rehearsals get properly underway for 'Alchemy' in London. It was a two day package, where we used the time to start working on the structure of the show. Who should be on stage and when? What props do we need? Almost everyone was there, and we managed to get through most of the show. Strangely at this stage, singing is really not that important. We just need to know we had some kind of visualisation of how ‘Alchemy’ would work in this small intimate theatre. The good news was that Ian Baldwin and I were very much on the same page, so this ‘starter for ten’ went very smoothly with Ian taking charge and helping the cast see what we wanted to put across to the audience.

On day two, we spent the afternoon with a small collection of cast member, and went through vocal lines. I wanted to make sure things hadn’t got ‘lost’ along the way, and also I wanted to see how Matthew Ronchetti was getting on with things. The answer to that was ‘very well’, so this was an easy rehearsal. Ross Andrews was starting to acquaint himself with the part of Greaves as well (he will be playing Greaves, and the Captain for this production), so this was a fruitful session.

Off West End Shows: "Thank you all!"

10479062 874961252538298 7461595344979654003 nClive Nolan: And.... relax! So there we are, a week of Alchemy in the London "off West End'. And what a week it was! Full houses every night, three sell outs and a wonderful and enthusiastic reception from our many audiences. Audiences, which we made up of dedicated followers and just people who came in off the street to see what was going on. Special thanks to the ladies (they saw the show for the first time) who announced to the manager of the theatre that 'Alchemy was even better than 'Les Mis'... That made my week!... On this general subject I would like to thank all the wonderful 'Alchemists' who have stuck with the shows over the last year or two. It is always so good to see those familiar faces in the audience, and your support has been uplifting and heartwarming! To all of you who travelled, whether from another city in England, or from France, Germany, Poland, Holland, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and goodness knows where else... Thank you so much for coming and supporting us, yet again!

The Fire and the Quest Festival, September 2015!

1We are happy to announce an event extraordinaire designed to celebrate 10 years of Clive Nolan's musicals! A two-day-long festival will take place at the Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre on September 4th-5th, 2015. The event will see the return of 'She- the Musical', revised and rewritten especially for the occasion (Friday), as well as the 'West End' version of 'Alchemy' (Saturday). Additionally, 'Beyond the Veil' will offer a chance to meet Clive Nolan and the Caamora Theatre Company artists for an afternoon of acoustic music and conversation. (Saturday afternoon). More attractions will be announced soon! "Golden Tickets" for the festival will be available from November 3rd, 2014 via 'The Fire and the Quest' website or directly from the theatre. For details visit the event's website!

Clive Nolan: “The 'Fire and the Quest' event will be something very special - the only chance to see both of my shows back to back. It will be a terrific weekend with a few surprises thrown in - don't miss it - there are only 180 tickets! I really hope to see many friendly faces there.”


A Journey So Far: Director's Perspective

Ian BIan Baldwin (‘Alchemy’ director): Well, today we are packing up the van (as well as quite a few cars), and we are heading to the big smoke to bring ‘Alchemy’ to the capital. The crew and I will be beavering away to set up sound, lights, set and get the performance space at the Jermyn Street Theatre ready to tell the story of Professor Samuel King and his battle against the evil schemes of Lord Henry Jagman in this tale of good versus evil, love versus hate, and life versus death.

It has been an interesting journey so far. A far flung cast, all of whom have other full and varied professional commitments which have made rehearsals an interesting exercise in organisation and planning. I must thank Ross Andrews for faithfully making sure that the working tech script is kept up to date, Sian for making sure that most of the London contingent are at rehearsals on time and of course rehearsals just would not have been possible, or indeed as enjoyable without the amazing and unbounded hospitality of Maggie and Chris Lewis who have made sure that we have been fed, watered (among other fluids), and even housed. There just is not enough space on this web page to thank them properly.

'Alchemy' Comes to Germany!

10801587 684766194974109 5937878539505175218 nFor the first time in history, Clive Nolan and the Caamora Theatre Company will bring 'Alchemy' to Germany! The concert version of the musical will take place in Reichenbach on November 29, 2014 in the Neuberinhaus theatre. The cast will include singers: Clive Nolan, Andy Sears, Paul Manzi, Agnieszka Swita, Chris Lewis, Victoria Bolley, Verity Smith and Ross Andrews and instrumentalists: Mark Westwood, Scott Higham, Kylan Amos and Mike Varty. More names will be confirmed soon. Tickets on sale now!