Kim Carter 4The forthcoming 'Alchemy' shows in Cheltenham, UK (September 5th, 6th, 7th) will be a feast not only for the theatre-goers. Among the Caamora Theatre Company team, an association of artists formed to perform Clive's musicals, a number of the renown progressive rock names can be found too. In some of the principal roles we will see Andy Sears (ex-Twelfth Night), David Clifford (Red Jasper) and Clive Nolan himself. The role of Thomas Anzeray at the Saturday matinee show will be performed by Paul Manzi (Arena). Moreover, in the orchestra pit we will find more prog-world celebrities: Scott Higham (Pendragon), Mark Westwood (Shadowland) and Claudio Momberg (Seti, Taurus). Chris Lewis, formerly involved with The Enid, and Agnieszka Swita, a lead vocalist for Clive's rock opera 'She', will re-appear on the Playhouse stage in the Cheltenham production of 'Alchemy' too.

Clive Nolan: “The cast of 'Alchemy' is a very diverse one. It's a mixture of local Cheltenham area artists, who were part of last year's theatrical 'SHE' production, some new singers, who have joined us recently, and some of my old friends with whom I've been working for years on various progressive rock projects. My aim for 'Alchemy' was to collect as many different voices as possible to ensure variety and flavour. They all did a fantastic job on the album, and indeed in Poland. So, even though the Cheltenham cast differs a little, I hope that everyone will find something of interest in the September shows, regardless of whether they are musical theatre enthusiasts or prog-rock fans.”